QO Collective is a referral recruitment network, powered by a curated group of alums from the world's top business schools, management consultancies and blue chip companies.

Through our collective networks, we provide our partners with unparalleled access to pinpoint and attract the world’s best talent.


We are a handpicked group of entrepreneurs, management consultants, recruitment and org design experts, with a knack for spotting talent and a track record for building killer teams. Throughout our careers, we’ve hired & fired, insourced & outsourced, failed & succeeded – and we thrive in utilizing our experience to see that our partners nail it from the 1st time.

Here at QO Collective, we come together as one to provide exclusive access for a vetted pool of independent management consultants and subject matter experts. Our network branches out directly to the world’s top business schools and blue chip companies to ensure that we go straight to the top. We reserve our resources for strategic roles that can make or break organizations and for companies that are set for serious growth & transformation.

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The power of
the collective

Quality over

We pride ourselves on having a live and pulsating network, which keeps us connected to a vetted group of independent management consultants and seasoned subject matter experts.

In turn, our partners get to work with top caliber executives who can hit the ground running (minus all the bureaucracy).

Through our exclusive QOC network, our partners get to skip the cue and go straight to the top.

We disseminate interim and full-time career opportunities directly to our 1st and 2nd degree networks. Essentially, we provide our partners with an extended referral recruitment network that branches out to alum groups of the world's top institutions & organizations.

Our talent pool is triple-vetted by our QOC core team and our associates. As a rule of thumb, we only propose candidates that we would hire ourselves.

This allows our partners to fill their urgent roles and handpick top talent that can hit the ground running.

Our partners

We’re proud to serve some of the world’s leading organizations across the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

the collective

With over 650 handpicked members collaborating from all over the world, we're usually 1 or 2 degrees away from that someone you want on your team. Here are some of our friends at QOC:

  • Yazan Madanat

    New York & Dubai

  • Georgia Kokkini

    London & Dubai

  • Mazen Jundi

    New York & Beirut

  • Tariq Haj


  • Ryan Nelson

    New York

  • Kristine Simonsen

    Copenhagen & New York

  • Jeyhun Huseynzade


  • Rola Fattal


  • Randa Baruni


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We’re always on the lookout to partner with other independent management consultants, entrepreneurs and like-minded hustlers.

Our members have exclusive access to a variety of short-term consulting gigs and other high-profile career opportunities in Dubai and around the world. We also payout referral bonuses for successful intros to prospective and clients (applicable to QOC Associates only).

In you’re interested in becoming a member in our collective, please apply with your LinkedIn profile on the link below.

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